Man Who Woke Up from Coma Happily Reunited With Lost Dog Thanks to Rescue Centre

Source: Mag

Man Who Woke Up from Coma Happily Reunited With Lost Dog Thanks to Rescue Centre

BY: Michelle Liew

After waking up from a coma, a man was devastated when he learned that his dog had gotten lost, but things turned around with the help from a local dog rescue organizer.

Bubba Nulisch was hospitalized with a bacterial infection and put into an induced coma on April 18th. After waking from his coma three weeks later he was adamant to see his four-year-old dog Bullet.

Despite that, he was informed that his beloved dog had gone missing from his home in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Desperate and concerned, he tried getting help from Facebook but to no avail.

Bubba adopted Bullet after being forced to retire from his truck driving job for medical reasons in October 2015. Bubba claims that Bullet pulled him out of a “deep depression.”

Joppie who runs a dog rescue in Dallas, stated that Bullet had made its way to Joppie’s rescue center on June 4th. After learning that she belonged to Bubba, she made sure to get Bullet back its original home as soon as possible.

“When they were reunited, I can’t describe the pure emotion that came from him,” said Kim. “They were so bonded. It was so beautiful, and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Bubba was beyond happy and relieved to have his best friend back in his arms.

“He was my reason to keep on going. He really helped me through emotionally and brought me so much happiness and joy,” he said. “Him being gone was the hardest part of waking up.”

“Kim is an angel. I’m so thankful to her for bringing him back to me. I’ll never forget what she’s done.”