Man Reunites with Family After Tragic Abduction 28 Years Ago


Man Reunites with Family After Tragic Abduction 28 Years Ago

BY: Michelle Liew

After a tragic abduction that separated him and his family for 28 years, a man named Kai Ye managed to return to his family in China.

Kai Ye, who is now 32 years old, was kidnapped when he was three years old. At the time of the incident, Kai Ye was in a wet market in Sichuan.

According to Kai Ye or his original name Zhang Tao, when he was kidnapped, he was taken to Guangdong before being sent out to Singapore for trafficking purposes. Nevertheless, Kai Ye eventually grew up and got married.

Due to him being so young at the time of incident, it was difficult to recall any memories of his childhood before being abducted. In 2021, Kai Ye registered himself on the Bao Bei Hui Jia (Come Home, Baby) platform, a charity that helps lost individuals reunite with their loved ones.

His mother saw a video of Kai Ye who at that time was looking for his biological family in July 2023.

At that time, the woman felt that Kai Ye was her long-lost son and immediately contacted the charity.

Two months later, Kai Ye flew to Cheng Du, Sichuan from Singapore to meet his mother.

The organisation performed a DNA test and confirmed that Kai Ye was in fact their missing child.

Kai Ye was accompanied by his wife. The children's meeting was recorded and went viral on social media platforms.

Through the clip, Kai Ye is seen hugging his mother, while his father stands by, wiping away tears.