Man Raises Thousands by Cycling 3,136km Across Spain in Honour of his Mum

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BY: Michelle Liew

In a bid to honour his mother, an intrepid cyclist had endured blazing heat, torrential rain and riding for up to 14 hours a day across Spain.

Will Jackson-Moore, from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, completed a 3,136km (1,949-mile) cycle ride to raise funds for three charities, namely Cancer Research UK, Harrison’s Fund and Herts Young Homeless.

Will starting his journey on 21 May on his mother Ann’s birthday. She passed away from ovarian cancer and in her memory, Will decided to raise funds to donate to charity.

Friends Jerry Scagell, Simon Abrahams and James Lumpkin joined him on his journey and he managed to complete the 1968 route of the Tour of Spain.

He said he was "tired and relieved" to have completed the "fabulous" achievement alongside his three friends. The team, Willta a Espana, have so far raised £30,000 for the three charities.

"It means a lot as all four of us who started finished all in one piece, despite a few incidents along the way." Jerry has slipped on a roundabout about one kilometre from the hotel and right outside a hospital. He had three stiches in his forehead but carried on nonetheless.

There were times were they spent 14 hours in the saddle a day, which left them sore.

"We'd done 250km (155 miles) and climbed 4,000m (13,123ft) of vertical height and you are absolutely exhausted and you think the next day is going to be another big day and how are you going to cope? As these charities depend on you".

To Will, this was more than charity but an emotional journey as he thought of his mum the moment he set off and recalled many fond memories of her.

"We couldn't have done it with the support of our family, team members and our support team," he said.

The team started from Zaragoza and finished at Bilbao, Spain, on 7 June.