Malaysia's World No. 1 tower runner conquers UK's highest tower

By: Michelle Liew

True to the spirit of "Malaysia Boleh", Soh Wai Ching, who is also the World No. 1 tower runner, recently sprinted up the United Kingdom's toughest tower, 22 Bishopgate Tower - a challenge he completed in 6 mins and 52 seconds.

Fellow Malaysian runner and manager Jennifer Chan Yee Chin, 28, who started second after Soh did it in 12 minutes 41 seconds. This was Chan's first tower run.

Soh also recently successfully defended his Empire State Building Run-Up title in New York after having finished first at the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles on Sept 30 and Seattle's Space Needle tower on Oct 2.

He now holds the record for the fastest run up the Empire State Building in New York climbing its 86 floors in 10 minutes, 44 seconds and has several records to his name.

"I was hoping to put the Malaysian flag up there," said Soh, confident that he could finish it in 6 minutes or so.

The run up the 1,120 steps, 62-storey building was in aid of a new RNLI Lifeboat Station for the Central London Thames by Waterloo Bridge.

The 22 Bishopsgate Tower - Picture from the New Straits Times