Malaysia's Sporting Triumphs Rewarded: SHAKAM Recognizes Outstanding Athletes

Source: Bernama

Malaysia's Sporting Triumphs Rewarded: SHAKAM Recognizes Outstanding Athletes

BY: Michelle Liew

In a momentous celebration of athletic prowess, Malaysia's standout performers at the 2022 Asian Para Games and the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games were honored through the Sports Victory Prize Scheme (SHAKAM). The recognition ceremony, held recently, saw top athletes receiving substantial incentives for their exceptional achievements on the international stage.

Muhammad Nur Syaiful Zulkafli's Stellar Performance

Leading the pack was swimming sensation Muhammad Nur Syaiful Zulkafli, whose outstanding performance at the 2022 Asian Para Games secured him the highest reward under SHAKAM. The talented athlete clinched a gold and a bronze medal, earning him a well-deserved incentive of RM110,000. The Minister of Youth and Sports, Hannah Yeoh, presented the accolade at the SHAKAM Incentive Presentation Ceremony.

Ammar Aiman Nor Azmi and Bonnie Bunyau Gustin Shine

Noteworthy mentions include athletics athlete Muhammad Ammar Aiman Nor Azmi, who not only secured a gold medal but also shattered the 400m T20 Games record. Powerlifting athlete Bonnie Bunyau Gustin also stood out with a gold in the 72kg event. Both athletes received the second-highest incentive of RM90,000.

S.Sivasangari Dominates Squash

The country's top female squash player, S.Sivasangari, emerged as the biggest recipient for the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, bagging RM100,000 for her outstanding achievements. Sivasangari secured two gold medals in the individual and team events, solidifying her status as a squash powerhouse.

Ng Eain Yow and Muhammad Ariff Arifuddin's Triumphs

Men's squash player Ng Eain Yow received the second-largest incentive, RM85,000, for clinching the gold in the individual event and bronze in the team event. Karate athlete Muhammad Ariff Arifuddin secured RM80,000 for his impressive performance in the 84kg kumite event at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games.

Coaches Recognized Through SGAR

In a significant move, Hannah Yeoh announced that coaches playing a pivotal role in an athlete's success were also recognized. Each coach received RM550,000 under the Coaches' Incentive Scheme (SGAR), highlighting the importance of mentorship and guidance in achieving sporting excellence.

Financial Allocations and Medal Tally

A total of RM1,530,000 was allocated to national athletes who excelled at the Asian Games, with an additional RM1,473,600 dedicated to Para Asian Games medal winners in Hangzhou, China. Malaysia concluded the Asian Games with six golds, eight silvers, and 18 bronzes, while the Para Asian Games contingent amassed seven golds, 15 silvers, and 17 bronzes.

SHAKAM's Legacy

SHAKAM, introduced in 1986, stands as a testament to Malaysia's commitment to appreciating the achievements of athletes on various global sporting platforms. The scheme recognizes excellence in events such as the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, SEA Games, and the Para ASEAN Games, as well as individual championships at the world, Commonwealth, or Asian continent level.

The SHAKAM Incentive Presentation Ceremony serves as a moment of pride for Malaysia, honoring the dedication and hard work of its exceptional athletes. These incentives not only recognize individual achievements but also highlight the crucial role of coaches in nurturing and guiding sporting talents. As Malaysia continues to make its mark on the global sporting stage, SHAKAM remains a vital platform for acknowledging and celebrating the nation's athletic excellence.