Malaysia's First Trackless Smart Tram in Putrajaya

Picture from The Vibes

Malaysia's First Trackless Smart Tram in Putrajaya

BY: Patrick Beech

Residents in Putrajaya have been filled with excitement recently following the trial runs of the Automated Rapid Transit (ART) trackless tram.

Long lines of people have been lining up for up to half an hour just to try the new public transport system.

Perbadanan Putrajaya corporate communications division director Norzita Abdul Razak said one three-carriage ART trackless tram has been on trial since Federal Territory Day.

"For now there is only one route, and during this trial period we will be carrying out a detailed and in-depth study on the feasibility of implementing such a public transport system here in Putrajaya," said Norzita.

This trackless tram, which is a new technology, is widely used in tier two and tier three cities in China, where it first came into operation in 2018. 

It is now under consideration for implementation in tier-one cities in the world's most populous nation because this system is competitively priced compared to other classic public transport systems such as the LRT, MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and monorail systems.

Senior citizen Manmohan Kaur, 63, from Cyberjaya, was nothing short of impressed by the ART trackless tram.

"I am more than pleased by the experience because it is something very different and exciting compared to the previous and current modes of public transport that I have taken before this.

"It's a whole new experience for all Malaysians out there and each and everyone should give it a try," said the mother of three, who came to experience the ride with two of her sons.