Malaysian Youth Have High Hopes for More Job Opportunities

BY: Michelle Liew

The youth in this country are still waiting for more policies that will facilitate and empower the younger generation.

Universiti Malaya Youth Leaders Association President and Student Leadership Icon Lim San Shein thinks initiatives including the Rahmah menu on campus and e-cash assistance are described as simple assistance that can be implemented in the short term.

"As a youth, what we can see is that the Government is already working, the idea is already there. But we will see how it is implemented because there are initial, medium and long-term stages.

"What I can see now is that some initiatives can be felt by young people such as Rahmah Menu including on campus or Rahmah youth e-cash and so on. But I think that is an initiative that can be implemented quite easily in the short term.

"But what is needed is institutional reform and how the Government wants to find more quality investments for the country," he said when commenting on the perception of hope and young people in the 100-day program of the Unity Government, today.

"What we want is for young people to have job opportunities and facilities in Malaysia can be improved, the quality of life and the impact of policy implementation with foreign direct investment (FDI) more robust," he said.

He added that young people have high hopes for the Unity Government to provide more job opportunities by attracting foreign investors to open offices in the country like Tesla and Amazon did.

Meanwhile, the youth in this country want their hopes and aspirations to be prioritized and heard to ensure that the future of that group is secured, especially in terms of economics for survival.