Malaysian Representatives Records Successful Cultural Week in the Republic of Sudan

BY: Michelle Liew

Malaysian representatives have managed to promote the uniqueness of the country’s cultural diversity at the international arena through the recent Malaysian Cultural Week 2022 in the Republic of Sudan.

The inaugural program was held after more than a decade and was organized by the Embassy of Malaysia in Khartoum, Republic of Sudan in conjunction with the 65th Independence Day and 59th Malaysia Day celebrations.

The two-day program attracted more than 2,000 visitors including foreign ambassadors, top officials of the Sudanese government, diplomats from United Nations (UN) agencies and Sudanese people.

The chairman of the Women's Association of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Khartoum, who is also the program committee, Lilis Surianty Mior Aziz, stated that the presence of many visitors showed that the embassy's initiative was very effective in highlighting the uniqueness, beauty, and cultural diversity in Malaysia.

She explained that the MCW 2022 aims to celebrate both Malaysian and Sudanese cultures under one roof with batik artists and cultural artists from the National Arts and Culture Department (JKKN) of Perak.

"The program started with a martial arts performance led by the embassy officer, Yushazbullah Yusof and the Malaysian-Sudanese Student Association (PMMS).

"This was then followed by demonstrations of street food in Malaysia such as satay, apam balik, fried noodles, sales of local pastries and iced tea drinks through the opening of three sales stalls," she stated.

Representatives of Sudan also performed their very own Coffee Ceremony, which is the preparation of coffee followed by a traditional dance by Hakamat Women when the drink is served to visitors.

The festival then continued by showcasing a famous film in Sudan titled ‘Tajouje’. In collaboration with the National Film Development Corporation of Malaysia (FINAS), the film Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa was also broadcasted to highlight the stories from Malaysia.

"In addition to that, a total of 28 pieces of batik cloth were hung to decorate the walls of the multi-purpose hall in accordance with the theme of Malaysian culture.

"Plastic bottles and tools related to recycling workshops were also used as women's jewellery in addition to flower ornaments," she said.

Lilis Surianty said that the Khartoum representative was assigned to conduct a workshop aimed at introducing Malaysian traditional dance and Malaysian culture through batik canting.

Recycling activities are held to foster the local people of Sudan to practice recycling culture.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Ambassador to the Republic of Sudan, Mohamad Razdan Jamil, said the initiative was an extension of the country's foreign policy strategy to promote Malaysian culture on the international stage. He said that this is in line with the Foreign Policy Framework - Focus on Continuity, which is one of its objectives to develop Malaysian Cultural Diplomacy.