Malaysian Brand Zucca Redefines Modest Fashion

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BY: Michelle Liew

Modest fashion is now increasingly gaining a place among consumers and is able to dignify the local clothing industry to a higher level.

Well-known modest clothing in Malaysia, Zucca, is committed to reach the brand's international market value of RM1.29 trillion by 2024.

Zucca's co-founder, Erica Yap, said her brand will continue to ensure that manufacturing costs remain reasonable in an effort to remain aware of the latest trend changes. She stated that it includes using social trading algorithms and direct customer feedback, in addition to releasing new designs based on the latest trends.

"The magic of fashion these days allows us to know which fashion is the customer's choice and why. Typically, customers prefer more comfortable materials, she said.

Erica expressed that with the ability to produce a fashion collection that follows the latest fashion in just a few days, she is also able to meet an inclusive and suitable collection for the demographic of Malaysian women who are sensitive to the latest trends.

As part of their approach, they are also actively supporting local small and medium clothing manufacturers to work together to produce 'prototype' clothing to get early feedback.

"We often fight for the slogan 'You Deserve to Shine' to reject the stereotype of polite fashion that is often sloppy, instead affordable, contemporary, and high-quality fashion for young people who like practical everyday clothes.

"From Korean-style blouses to palazzo pants and pleated long skirts, we aim to produce more stylish fashion without compromising on fabric quality and modesty elements," she said.

What is important is the main goal to capture the hearts of more Malaysian buyers and fashionistas and will continue to prioritize consumers. This method also eliminates the cost of third-party retailers, wholesalers and middlemen from the product production process.

"By selling directly to consumers and ensuring that all aspects of arrangements, marketing, packaging and delivery are done in-house, we make the fashion chain very affordable for consumers," she stated.

Over the past two years, Zucca has achieved various successes including a 400 percent increase in sales revenue within 12 months as well as successfully collecting RM1.26 million in initial funding to help expand the market.

Now, the company is trying to expand its market and plans to enter the modest fashion market in Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei by next year.