Malaysian Actress Listed in Britishpedia’s ‘Successful People in Malaysia’ 2021

BY: Michelle Liew

Malaysian actress Che Puan Juliana Evans made history when she was listed as one of the most successful individuals in Malaysia by the Britishpedia encyclopedia published by British Publishing House, last year.

Che’ Puan Juliana Sophie binti Johari Evans, 33, described it as one of the most meaningful recognition and gift she has ever had in conjunction with the 2022 curtain opener.

Britishpedia’s Successful People in Malaysia is a biographical encyclopedia that specifically highlights Malaysians who have contributed to nation-building and society in general.

The actress of Malay-English ancestry from the film Hantu Bonceng dan Pulang was surprised to learn that her name was listed in the group of most successful individuals in line with big names such as former Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman in the encyclopedia. Apart from acting, Juliana is the founder of jewellery label Jevans Jewelry, known for its state-shaped necklaces.

Juliana said she was grateful for the recognition received despite the COVID-19 pandemic test hitting around the world over the past two years.

Taking it to Instagram, Juliana considers this recognition a spirit burner spreading a positive aura and inspiring others to carve out success.

Juliana said the awards she received also made her eager to do her best work, this year.

“My advice is stay silent tutup sebelah mata  (close one eye to negativity) and just focus on yourself till you make it! Only you know how hard you’ve worked and how much effort it takes to get there. Don’t let anyone say otherwise,” Juliana advises.

Congratulations Juliana on making Malaysia proud!