Malaysia moves up four spots to the 18th most peaceful country in the world

BY: Patrick Beech

Malaysia was ranked 18th in the 2022 Global Peace Index (GPI) as the most peaceful country in the world - moving up four spots from its previous ranking.

In comparison, neighbouring countries; Singapore was ranked the ninth while Indonesia (47), Laos (51), Cambodia (62), Thailand (103), the Philippines (125) and Myanmar (139).

Malaysia also placed as the fourth most peaceful country in the Asia Pacific region, with New Zealand on top of the list, followed by Singapore and Japan.

The country was also ranked the fifth most peaceful country when it comes to militarisation.

In the report, Iceland remained the most peaceful country in the world, a position it has held since 2008.

Afghanistan was the least peaceful country in the world for the fifth consecutive year, followed by Yemen, Syria, Russia and South Sudan.

These countries have been among the 10 least peaceful countries for the last three years.

Produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), the GPI is the world's leading measure of global peacefulness.

This report presents the most comprehensive data-driven analysis to date on trends in peace, its economic value and how to develop peaceful societies.