Local horror film "Don't Look At The Demon" puts Malaysian production on world map

By: Patrick Beech

A locally created film will for the first time premier in multiple countries around the world.

Don't Look At The Demon (2022) is spearheaded by local film producer and director, Brando Lee and is a horror classic.

The movie is since confirmed for screening in more than 250 cinemas in North America alone, while other countries where it will showcase include Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore and Cambodia.

The 93-minute movie features traditional Asian folklore from an American perspective, and stars artistes from Hollywood, Thailand, and Vietnam.

"With the global release of Don't Look At The Demon (2022), I hope to inspire local producers to reach for the stars and keep pushing forward to represent Malaysia on an international scale," Lee said.

He said the release of this film is not just his success but that of all in Malaysia.

The film features Hollywood actors, and tells the story of a group of American paranormal investigators who travel to Fraser’s Hill in Pahang to investigate supernatural occurrences in a house that was built in the early 1970s that relates back to forbidden ancient rituals.

To their surprise, the crew get more than they bargained for as they uncover dark secrets about the house.

"This film will forever be an emblem to remind Malaysia that no goal is too big if you set your minds to it," added Lee.

The movie releases in cinemas nationwide on October 6.