Little Abiraame With Big Winter Olympics Dream

By Kranthasi

1 big pottu, 4 gold medals, and 7-years-old. That is the power of Sree Abiraame B Chendren, who has flooded social media sites in Malaysia.

The tiny ice skating athlete has just bagged four gold medals at the ISI Asia Skate Shenzhen 2018 Championships in China, AFTER winning six other medals (4 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze) at Ice Skating Institute’s Skate Asia in Bangkok back in August this year.

At Skate Asia, the rising athlete outshone the other athletes from South Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan, who often excel at these championships. Her coach, Michelle Chak, a former Hong Kong coach, was incredibly proud of how calmly Abiraame had delivered her performances.

Having started at the age of three, Abiraame’s big goal is to train hard and compete in the 2026 Winter Olympics, representing Malaysia. After participating in a number of championships in 2017, she is determined to work hard to achieve her goal.

Her parents have stuck by her side through her journey in the ice skating world since her start in 2015, and are willing to always support and motivate her in following her dream.

2019 is going to be a big year for Abiraame who will be travelling to Yunnan (China), Abu Dhabi, and Hong Kong to compete in the ISI Asia Skate Championships. Let’s support little Abiraame’s dream of representing Malaysia in the 2026 Winter Olympic Games!