Legendary Supermodel Naomi Campbell Models Rizman Ruzaini’s Design in Dubai Fashion Week

Source: Awani

Legendary Supermodel Naomi Campbell Models Rizman Ruzaini’s Design in Dubai Fashion Week

BY: Michelle Liew  

A common dream of many fashion designers is to see their designs on the runway and what better way to achieve that dream than to have one of the top supermodels to model your designs? For Rizman and Ruzaini, to have one of the top international supermodels wearing their designs on the stage is one of the most meaningful moments in their career as fashion designers. To top it off, they managed to get legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell to wear their designs at the closing event of the Dubai Fashion Week last weekend.  

The Malaysian designer duo, comprising of Rizman Nordin and Wan Mohd Ruzaini Wan Jamil were invited by the Dubai Fashion Week organizers who considered them as the best opportunity to expand the market and influence of the Rizman Ruzaini brand for the Middle East market. 

Campbell's appearance as the 'inspirational face' (muse) designed by Rizman stole the limelight of the show. The Panther, whose nickname was given due to her style of walking, sent the crowd in awe as she graced the stage with a long monochrome dress full of details matched with a bolero jacket in the same colour. 

Rizman Ruzaini shared photos of the sweet moments on their official Instagram account which also featured the action of the three of them walking side by side on stage while receiving thunderous applause from the audience who attended the event. 

"She is very humble and very professional. She knows what to do even without training. She was present only to attend the fashion show and returned the next day. 

"The most special thing for us was of course when Naomi expressed her love for me and Ruzaini's designs and she expressed her willingness to work with Rizman Ruzaini again in the future and invited us to participate in Paris Fashion Week," said Rizman.