KPM Introduces Online Learning Platform ILMOORE

Source: Ilmoore

KPM Introduces Online Learning Platform ILMOORE

BY: Michelle Liew

Online learning is one of the alternatives to help students master the subjects learned in school. Reference portals can help provide more understanding to students, in addition to learning sessions in class.

Along with the advancement of technology nowadays, the leader of the world of printing, Telaga Biru has taken steps by establishing Telaga Biru Digital. It is an initiative to meet the need for digitization of quality content.

In addition, it aims to produce content through an online platform based on four main cores, which are Muslim-friendly, lifelong education, manners and morals and easy access.

With the experience of publishing Malaysian Ministry of Education (KPM) textbooks through Telaga Biru Education, Telaga Biru Digital has responded to the challenges of the modernization era by developing the Interactive Learning Media (ILM) or ILMOORE platform.

Chief Executive Director, Telaga Biru Digital, Nor Azri Jalel said, ILMOORE is an online tuition platform to help students, teachers and parents in self-learning.

"ILMOORE is themed 'Fun Learning and Fully Guidance'. It presents several features (programming software interface) that are interesting for student learning from the beginning of school until the exam.

"This platform provides online tuition for students from pre-school to high school," he stated.

He added that the expertise and involvement of appropriate professionals for each subject as well as learning in ILMOORE can help students review lessons more efficiently.

Based on easy access, ILMOORE offers interesting features to help students study independently. Among the features are interactive videos, flash cards and mind maps, interesting notes, quizzes, drills, exams and much more.

There are seven initial subjects introduced by ILMOORE, namely, Science in the fourth year, Arabic in the sixth year and Islamic Education in the sixth year.

Meanwhile, for secondary school subjects are Usuluddin level one, Al-Quran and Sunnah Education (PQS) level four, Jauharah Tauhid level four and Tafsir Nasafi level four.

However, the portal will continue to update the available subjects from time to time.

Nor Azri explained that the ILMOORE platform is easy to access anytime and anywhere.

"With a simple and fun theme, the video is presented in a creative and interactive form. For example, interesting experiments, animations and quizzes coincide with KPM standards.

"Therefore, the student can review the previous lessons to revise," he said.

The ILMOORE platform can be subscribed for as low as 27 cents a day, which is RM100 for each subject throughout the school session according to grade or level.