Kind Cabbie Drives More Than 30km to Return Wallet Left in His Taxi

A taxi driver from Johor drove more than 30km to return a wallet belonging to a couple from Singapore.

Joan Chong who shared the incident on Facebook, said she and her husband, Fedtrick, crossed over to Johor for a break recently and during their visit took a taxi.

Upon reaching their destination, Fedtrick paid the fare and also tipped the driver, before the couple went into a shopping mall.

However, the husband soon realised he did not have his wallet and quickly rushed to the spot where they were dropped off.

However, the taxi was no longer there, so they hailed another taxi and went back to the restaurant where they had first taken the taxi.

On their way there, Fedtrick also quickly called his banks to cancel his credit cards.

However, to their dismay, when they arrived at the restaurant, the taxi was nowhere to be found.

They then decided to lodge a police report when they received a call from a neighbour from their old home in Johor.

To her utter surprise, the neighbour told her that there was a taxi driver holding a small green wallet who was looking for them outside their home.

They then asked the neighbour to hand the phone to the driver and they spoke to him and thanked him for his kindness.

The driver had driven all the way from Johor Bahru to the couple’s old address in Kulai based on Fedtrick’s identification to return the wallet.

Although I know he may not see this post, I still wanted to share about this good man and his kind deed just to thank him again and show that there are good people around,” she added.