Kelantan Heritage to be Displayed in Washington D.C in Exclusive Event This Month

Source: Bernama

Kelantan Heritage to be Displayed in Washington D.C in Exclusive Event This Month

BY: Michelle Liew  

Kelantan's cultural and artistic heritage recognized by UNESCO will be exhibited in Washington D.C, United States (US) for the first time this month through the Cultural Diplomacy program "Sounds and Soul of the East Coast". 

The Malaysian Embassy in Washington D.C stated to local news portal Bernama that the exclusive event will introduce the beauty of art from Kelantan to an audience consisting of diplomats, US Federal Government officials and tourism industry experts. 

Participants attending the event will have the opportunity to enjoy and witness wayang kulit, dance, music and traditional healing rituals from Kelantan. 

"Culture plays an important role in diplomacy, serving as a bridge that fosters understanding and relations between countries. 

"Customs and traditions are powerful tools that allow us to better understand the essence of different cultures, ultimately leading to a better understanding of their people," said Malaysian Ambassador to the US Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz in the statement. 

Taking place from October 19 to 30, participants will be able to experience performances and demonstrations, including Kelantan wayang kulit, Main Teri spiritual medicine, Henna Dance, Silat Jawi martial art and the musical performance, Dikir Barat. 

The Mak Yong Theater, recognized by UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity will be the main focus of this cultural program. 

The program aims to promote Malaysian art and culture as unifying to the national identity, highlight Malaysia as a tourist destination and create momentum ahead of the Visit Malaysia Year 2026.