'Karipap' named fifth best pastry in the world

'Karipap' named fifth best pastry in the world

BY: Patrick Beech

Malaysia's karipap (curry puff) was recently named one of the best pastries in the world by TasteAtlas.

It was ranked as the fifth-best pastry by TasteAtlas, the lifestyle site which is known to highlight various cuisines around the world.

The karipap humbled the famous French and Egyptian pastries such as croissant and kunafa, both ranked eighth and 10th, respectively.

The first place went to the traditional Portuguese egg custard tart (Pastel de nata) that is popular throughout the world.

Receiving a score of 4.6 over five, TasteAtlas highlighted the unique savoury chicken curry and potato fillings commonly used in karipap, as well as its pastry texture that stood out among the rest.

"Karipap or curry puff is a small, deep-fried or baked pastry shell filled with thick chicken and potatoes curry. It is believed that the flavorful snack was invented by the Malays from the Malay peninsula and parts of Sumatra and Borneo," the portal said.

It said that the "crispy on the outside and warm and tender on the inside" feature of karipap, makes it a favourite dish for many in Southeast Asia.

The site even went further to list the restaurants that serve some of the best curry puffs.

The list includes three local restaurants – HOMI Chicken Curry Puff in Petaling Jaya, Kampong Kravers in Kuala Lumpur, and Adam’s Famous Chicken Curry Puff in Georgetown, Penang.

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