International Law Student Emina Kulasic on the Right Path to Becoming an Inspiring Diplomatic Officer

Source: Kosmo

International Law Student Emina Kulasic on the Right Path to Becoming an Inspiring Diplomatic Officer

By: Michelle Liew

Everyone has a dream career to achieve, just like Emina Kulasic Bong Ei Min, 23, who has ambitions to hold a position as an Administrative and Diplomatic Officer (PTD).

To enable her to pursue these ambitions, Emina, who is from Sarawak, chose to continue her studies in International Relations at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).

"When I was in sixth form, the History subject teacher suggested that I serve as a PTD. This is because the PTD career allows one to serve abroad, in addition to offering a relatively high salary.

"When I researched about this career, I found that PTD was involved in international politics such as the United Nations (UN), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and others.

"That is what motivated me to continue my studies in the field of international relations. My major is related to international law," Emina stated.

She added that after completing her studies, she intends to apply for a position as a PTD. Despite that, she did not rule out any possibility in continuing her higher-level studies abroad.

In the meantime, Emina, who is currently in her last year of studies, said that students majoring in international relations comes with a set of challenges.

Due to the nature of the subjects, they need to go abroad to gain experience and exposure.

"For example, we lack exposure related to the UN conference model to get the views of each country on issues such as human rights, war and so on.

"To overcome this problem, I had to join the UUM Model United Nations club founded by senior students.

"This club gives us the opportunity and exposure to how each conference goes," she explained.

Meanwhile, Emina is an active student, and she is one of the representatives of the Student Representative Council (MPP) at UUM.

According to her, she joined MPP because she was interested in the campus election culture at UUM.

"In addition, I can see how senior students help new students face various issues on campus. I also want to do that by being a representative for students, especially helping students from Sarawak and Sabah," she explained.

Emina admits that she is very busy with various programs on campus after becoming MPP. However, she manages to balance her studies well and never neglects her academic needs.

"Despite being busy with the MPP program, it doesn't interfere with my studies since I don't have many classes now because I'm in the final semester.

"If I can't come to class because I'm attending a certain program, I'll quickly ask a classmate or meet the lecturer," she explained.

She added that he will make sure that she does not fall behind in her studies even though she is busy with other matters.

Speaking about her life principles, Emina explained that she is a person who has an open attitude.

"When I was in school, I learned about moral subjects and many noble values ​​that I learned. We need to accept others and accept ourselves.

"For example, I also fasted in the month of Ramadan to understand how my Muslim friends feel," she said.

Emina said, through the principle of openness that she holds, she also celebrates important events or festivals of other religions together.