Indonesian Man Shocks Everyone as He “Comes Back Alive” in Coffin

By: Michelle Liew

Thought to be dead, a man was immediately rushed to the hospital after he was found still breathing in the coffin.

According to Kompas, a man known as Us who lives in the Bogor district, West Java is currently admitted to the Bogor Regional General Hospital (RSUD) in Bogor for further treatment.

In the meantime, the main director of the hospital, Ilham Chaidir informed Us that he only experienced a disturbance of consciousness.

"This patient came in unconscious, then he was treated. There is no problem, and he can move to the rooms," he said on Monday.

Meanwhile, Us' brother, Saputra explained, the incident happened last Friday when his brother was declared dead after doing some activities in Semarang.

"He died in Semarang during the activities there. Someone said he fell ill and was taken to a hospital in Jakarta and at the Jakarta Hospital he was reported dead," said Saputra.

Meanwhile, Us' family was shocked by the situation because they saw that there was no sign that Us was still alive when the coffin arrived at the residence.