Housewife with Nerve Disease Adamantly Takes Care of Her Sickly Parents

BY: Michelle Liew

Despite facing health problems, this housewife still strives to take care of her aging parents.

Rohani Tarzan, 51, stated that her mother, Sapiah Mohd Boto, 77, suffers from a brain nerve disease. Her condition is increasingly chronic as she has been bedridden for more than two months.

"Mother has been suffering from the disease for the past seven years. At first, she became forgetful and senile, but now the nerves of the brain are swelling causing her to be unable to wake up.

"My father, Tarzan Abd. Rahman, 83, is too frail with various health complications such as intestinal problems, high blood pressure and chronic myopia," she added.

Rohani stated that she also suffers from a nerve disease related to the spine for the past 10 years.

According to the mother of four, the disease will cause the joints of the legs and hands to swell if she does too much physical activity.

"The task of taking care of sick parents is actually quite heavy and my sister, Norlida, 58, who suffers from kidney disease, will help take care of my parents if I am unwell," she said.

Rohani said that they were unable to provide health equipment such as adjustable beds, wheelchairs and walking aids for her parents due to financial problems.

She explained that her husband, who works as a security guard, only earns RM1,500 a month while her four children aged 10 to 18 are still in school.

"To increase his income, he wakes up as early as 4am to make cakes and deliver them to nearby stalls with an average income of RM500 a month," she said.

For those who are willing to help, you can donate to Rohani’s account 1150041000119261 (Bank Simpanan Nasional) or call 0129648835.