Students and teachers can wear sports attire to school

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Students and teachers can wear sports attire to school

By: Patrick Beech

In view of the current hot spell in the country, the Education Ministry has granted special permission for students and teachers to wear proper sports attire to school.

In a recent circular, the ministry said the decision was made to avoid health complications resulting from the hot weather.

"This special permission does not burden the students and parents because everyone has their own sports attire.

"The ministry prioritises the welfare, health, and safety of students, teachers, and support service members when facing prolonged hot and dry weather," read the circular.

Deputy Education Minister Lim Hui Ying also said that all outdoor activities, including co-curricular and sports activities, are temporarily suspended in all schools nationwide.

The ministry also reminds all students to drink more water during the hot spell and reduce their exposure to the heat.

School administrators are advised to monitor temperatures from time to time so that immediate action could be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of students and teachers.

Schools are also allowed to close if the temperature exceeds 37 degrees for the same period.