Hometown YouTuber Cites Mother's Love and Support as Main Drive for Success

Source: Youtube

Hometown YouTuber Cites Mother's Love and Support as Main Drive for Success

By: Michelle Liew

While many pursue their ambitions in the capital or big cities, Marham Mohd Yusof chose to return to the state of his birth.

After 12 years of living in Kuala Lumpur, this young man decided to be by his beloved mother's side in Kuala Nerus, Terengganu.

He left his career when the COVID-19 pandemic troubled the world, but Marham believes God's provision is everywhere.

"I think when I'm old, I'll go back to the village to spend time with my mother and spend the time of my life doing nostalgic things from my childhood.

"We only plan, but God decides. I thought I would return home when I'm around 40 or 45 I will go home.

"At the (beginning) of the pandemic, I didn't lose my job at that time. I had a job, it's just that my heart was telling me, 'Why not... This is the right time for me to go home and do what I love'," Marham detailed.

By returning to his hometown, Marham gets the chance to take care of his mother, Asiah Ngah.

Armed with experience, in 2020 Marham then started a wood studio with a traditional concept. He presented the culture and life of the village but was wary of whether the studio would take off. Armed only with hope, Marham thanks his mother’s endless prayers for spurring him on.

"My mother doesn't say much. She sees me doing it and she believes in what I do and likes it when I'm by her side.

"I believe mothers are angels in the world, sent from God. I ask my mother to pray for me to achieve success.

After year of content planning and filming, Marham uploaded his first video to social media under the holder 'Marbitter' on January 1, 2021.

Marham admits he almost gave up at times. He saved up to RM20,000 to become a YouTuber. While there were times where the response was low, he kept on pushing himself.

With elements of love for mothers, animals, relationships with friends and gratitude, his mission is to introduce village life to the world.

"Like my 'followers' from Indonesia who have never been to Malaysia, their impression is that Malaysia is too modern a country. By seeing my videos, their eyes open up to the villages of Malaysia, acknowledging the authenticity and culture of Malaysia."

"This is the opportunity I created, to highlight the culture of Malaysians. I am not only highlighting the culture of the Malays, I am also highlighting the culture of the Malaysians - Chinese, Indian, Kadazan-Dusun and so on," added Marham.