Heartwarming moment as Grab driver assists elderly woman

Heartwarming moment as Grab driver assists elderly woman

By: Patrick Beech

Netizens have praised a Grab driver for his kindness and thoughtfulness in assisting an elderly woman recently.

A TikTok user shared the video recently showing the Grab driver and a security guard helping the aged passenger.

The Grab driver had earlier personally carried the old woman who was unable to walk, to a wheelchair.

"An inspiring act of kindness. God bless you, Grab driver," the caption read.

The TikTok user further highlighted that the passenger's husband was also an elderly person, expressing gratitude that such compassionate gestures still exist irrespective of race or religion.

Netizens who flooded the comments section praised the duo for their actions and said they were deeply touched by the kind gesture.

In a related comment, user Amrsyhda shared a personal experience, writing, "I'm a pregnant mother who was returning from Giant hypermarket via Grab, and the driver, an elderly Chinese man, helped me carry my groceries all the way to my second-floor home using the elevator."

User JulianaTg also shared her encounter, stating, "When I was in Sabah, my child vomited inside a Grab car due to an allergic reaction to car perfumes. The owner didn't say anything and even cleaned it up. I felt guilty... What a good person."