Hard working employee rewarded with brand new Proton Saga

In recognition for his hard work and dedication, a boss recently bought a brand-new Proton Saga for his Indonesian worker.

A Tik Tok video by a Proton saleswoman showed the boss coming to the showroom asking about the car and whether it was in stock.

He said he wanted to buy it for his employee and would make a full payment for the vehicle.

When the car was finally ready for delivery, the boss brought his employee along to the showroom and told the shocked man that the car with the big red bow was his.

The employee was so overcome with joy that he even hugged the car and was seen grinning ear to ear.

Reports in the Chinese media said the boss had made a full payment for the vehicle and registered it under the employee's name.

The heart-warming video prompted many netizens to praise the boss’ action in rewarding his hardworking employee, a Proton Saga.