BY: Michelle Liew

The government has taken the initiative of placing the welfare and interests of the elderly as a priority by allocating RM635 million this year for welfare assistance, care institutions and the Senior Citizens Activity Centre (PAWE), said

Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development Datuk Siti Zailah. Mohd Yusoff.

This is part of Malaysia’s preparations towards the status of an old country by 2030, she told reporters after attending a Field Trip to the Women’s Activity Centre at the Women’s Development Office.

Siti Zailah said, of the total, RM607 million was allocated for socio-economic assistance involving 140,000 recipients and RM870,000 in pocket money was given to senior citizens involving 2,400 residents in 18 Elderly Care Institutions.

She added that a total of RM19 million was allocated for operating grants involving 275 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), especially institutions for the care of the elderly and another RM9 million was allocated to strengthen 153 PAWEs involving an allocation of RM7.9 million.

“The ministry has also allocated RM1.1 million for the operation of nine elderly care units… at the same time, the PAWE allocation has also been increased by RM3 million, to RM7.9 million for 2022 compared to RM4.9 million in 2021,” she said.

Siti Zailah said the financial assistance for PAWE’s operations had been successfully increased after 20 years, from RM33,330 to RM50,000 a year for 2022.

“Previously, the supervisor’s allowance was only at RM650 per month, for 2022 the supervisor’s allowance has been increased to RM1,100, an increase of RM450.

Meanwhile, the assistant supervisor’s allowance was increased by RM200, to RM650 compared to RM400 previously, apart from the rental payment allocation of RM3,000 per year,” she added.