Good Samaritan buys students flight tickets home for Raya

Good Samaritan buys students flight tickets home for Raya

By: Patrick Beech

Two students from Sabah were prepared to spend Hari Raya alone, away from their families as they were unable to afford the high airfares to get home.

However, fate had different plans for them when a kind-hearted Samaritan came forward and sponsored their tickets home.

The duo had earlier uploaded a TikTok video where he and his friend were seen pushing a shopping trolley filled with eggs, instant noodles, rice and other items in preparation for the holidays.

There was also another video by one of the students showing him breaking fast with his friend.

The video was captioned with, "I would be lying if I said I was not sad seeing friends going home for Raya. But what can we do? Flight tickets are expensive, and not everyone is T20 and M40."

The video presented a surprise when a message from the kind Samaritan, who offered to help with flight tickets for 'balik kampung,' was included.

"Remember us? (We were) the students (who thought) we would not be able to balik raya due to expensive (flight) tickets that day.

"Because we could not go home, we bought essentials in advance to get through the week.

"But who knows Allah has better plans. Who knew there was a servant of God who was willing to sponsor tickets for the both of us to balik Raya.

"My manly tears fell when I conveyed the good news to my mother," he wrote as reported by The New Straits Times.

The footage continued with images of an aircraft's wings and landing, accompanied by the caption, "Only Allah knows how happy we are."

He was then seen at the airport, where he hugged a woman, presumably his mother.

The heartwarming video has garnered over a million views, and many viewers praised the kind Samaritan in the comments section.