Giant Panda in South Korea Gives Birth to Nation’s First Twin Cubs

Giant Panda in South Korea Gives Birth to Nation’s First Twin Cubs

BY: Michelle Liew

A giant panda leased by China to South Korea seven years ago gave birth to the country's first twin panda cubs last week, Everland Theme Park said on Tuesday.

The female panda, nine-year-old Ai Bao, gave birth to female twins weighing 180 grams and 140 grams respectively on Friday.

Everland, South Korea's largest theme park, is located in Yongin, about 40 kilometers (km) south of Seoul, Xinhua reported.

South Korea saw the first birth of a giant panda cub, named Fu Bao, in July 2020.

According to Everland, Ai Bao and her two babies are doing well. Ai Bao naturally mated with 10-year-old Le Bao in mid-February.

Giant pandas are known to rarely get pregnant because their breeding season only lasts for one to three days a year, usually in the spring.

The twins will not be on public display for now. Normally, a panda cub needs a period of five to six months to adapt to the external environment.

Everland will show photos and videos of baby pandas through its SNS channel.

The giant panda pair arrived in South Korea in March 2016 on a 15-year lease. Their names, Le Bao and Ai Bao, mean pleasant and beautiful treasures.

Everland built a 3,300 square meter Panda World to house the endangered species. The panda species is under threat of extinction but has gained popularity due to its beautiful appearance and is rare in the world.

About 14 million visitors visit Panda World to see the panda family, according to Everland.

Pandas are leased to South Korea for joint research purposes. China previously loaned a pair of pandas to South Korea in 1994.