Georgia Knoll’s Journey To Achieve Her Dream As A Flight Attendant

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Georgia in her Jetstar uniform demonstrating safety flight instructions

Georgia in her Jetstar uniform demonstrating safety flight instructions

Three years ago, Georgia Knoll, a Down Syndrome woman, broke the Internet with a video of her photobombing a Channel 7NEWS Mackay live coverage at a mall in Australia.

This time around, Georgia, now aged 25, continues to put a smile on faces worldwide by living her dream as a flight attendant on Jetstar Australia! It all started with a Facebook video posted by her sister, Kathryn, showcasing Georgia’s talent as a flight attendant wannabe demonstrating flight safety instructions which first caught the attention of the airline and eventually made her dream come true as a cabin crew for a day.

Georgia’s goal to be a flight attendant is a reflection of her desire to simply “make people happy” by being herself – “I’m just trying to break through barriers, push everything aside and be yourself,” she told Jetstar.

The bubbly Georgia donning her Jetstar uniform learnt the ropes of being a flight attendant from cabin crew manager, Nicky and her team. Georgia impressed passengers on a flight from Brisbane back to her hometown in Mackay, by greeting every passenger, participating in safety demonstrations and even serving food to passengers on board the flight.

“All of the passengers had a great time, she was talking to everyone, she’s just got such a bubbly personality”, Kathryn told Daily Mail Australia. The cabin crew were equally thrilled by Georgia’s enthusiasm – “Georgia is so full of life and is great with our customers, she was such a fantastic addition to our team and we all felt so lucky to have her spend the day with us,” said Nicky.

Georgia greeting passengers at the Brisbane Airport

Georgia greeting passengers at the Brisbane Airport

Many passengers on board the flight including close to 15K Internet viewers, encouraged Jetstar to make Georgia a full-time cabin crew member. One person wrote, “Jetstar please give her a job, she did great and she is a star!”. Another commented- “I hope you welcome me on board some day, Georgia!”.

These days, Georgia continues to promote equal treatment for others with Down Syndrome as a disability advocate. Embracing her uniqueness means more than anything in the world to Georgia – “It’s good to be Down Syndrome. It’s who I am,” she said.

Keep up the good spirit, Georgia!

[Video and images from JetstarAustralia’s Facebook page.]