Gamer Goes Viral For Leaving Snacks Out For Delivery Riders

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little gratitude goes a long way, especially in times of uncertainty.

As some Malaysians are gripping with panic-buying during the MCO or uncertainty in politics of the country, one gamer decided to giveback in her own way.

Natasha Hidayah Hashim, 29, decided to show her appreciation to delivery riders by leaving food, snacks and drinks for them at her home.

Natasha Hidayah Hashim leaves food, snacks and drinks for delivery riders at her home – image via Twitter

“For delivery, please take some snacks! Stay Safe,” a note was posted above the basketful of snacks and drinks.

According to Mstar, Natasha, who is also a content producer, got the idea following a trend in America.

“I got the idea from Twitter. In America, they leave snacks out for delivery riders,” she told the online portal.

She also described how happy the riders were with her gesture and that she always wished them safe travels.

Her Twitter post has since gone viral and was retweeted 2,700 times.

She claimed many have started leaving snacks out for riders and reminded people to treat others with kindness.

Besides adding some joy to the lives of delivery riders, Natasha also speaks out against sexism especially in Malaysia’s gaming scene, as still very few women compete in international arenas and tournaments.

According to Statista, 2017 numbers showed almost half of 14 million gamers in Malaysia are women.