Fostering Harmony: SK (C) Anglo-Chinese in Luyang Celebrates Diversity in Chinese New Year Extravaganza

Fostering Harmony: SK (C) Anglo-Chinese in Luyang Celebrates Diversity in Chinese New Year Extravaganza

BY: Michelle Liew

In the heart of Luyang, the SK (C) Anglo-Chinese School recently hosted a spectacular Chinese New Year celebration that not only embraced the rich traditions of the festival but also highlighted the school's unique composition, symbolizing the beauty of unity in diversity. With 40 percent of its 1,165 students hailing from non-Chinese backgrounds, the school takes pride in embodying Malaysia's multicultural essence, especially in Sabah.

A Tapestry of Diversity

Industrial Development and Entrepreneurship Minister Datuk Phoong Jin Zhe, while officiating the Chinese New Year programme, commended SK (C) Anglo-Chinese for its commitment to inclusivity. Minister Phoong emphasized that the school's diverse student population is a testament to the cultural tapestry that defines Malaysia's education landscape.

Reflecting on the broader context of Sabah's multiculturalism, Minister Phoong expressed appreciation for the Sabah Government's involvement and consistent allocation of annual funds to the school. This support underscores the government's commitment to fostering diversity and creating an inclusive educational environment.

Acknowledging Uniqueness

Minister Phoong lauded the Education Minister for recognizing the uniqueness of Sabah. As a proud product of a Chinese independent school himself, he emphasized the importance of embracing this distinctiveness. Despite being a Chinese school, SK (C) Anglo-Chinese recognizes the necessity for students to be proficient not only in the Chinese language but also in English and Malay.

Mastering Multiple Languages

Minister Phoong highlighted the significance of students mastering English and Malay languages, emphasizing that this approach expands their horizons and prepares them to thrive in a diverse and interconnected world. This forward-thinking perspective aligns with the broader goal of showcasing the diversity inherent in Sabah's educational landscape.

A Model for Multicultural Education

The inclusive approach adopted by SK (C) Anglo-Chinese in Luyang serves as a model for multicultural education, demonstrating that embracing diversity enriches the educational experience for all students. By fostering an environment where students are proficient in multiple languages and are exposed to different cultures, the school not only prepares them academically but also instills values of tolerance, understanding, and unity.

SK (C) Anglo-Chinese in Luyang stands as a shining example of how a Chinese school can celebrate its cultural roots while actively embracing and promoting diversity. The school's Chinese New Year celebration reflects a commitment to inclusivity and a recognition of the multicultural fabric that makes up Malaysia's educational landscape. With the support of the Sabah Government and a forward-thinking approach to language proficiency, SK (C) Anglo-Chinese is paving the way for a future where unity in diversity is not just celebrated during festivals but ingrained in the everyday fabric of education.