Largest Wau Costume unveiled for Mrs Malaysia World (COPY)

Picture from Bernama

Largest Wau Costume unveiled for Mrs Malaysia World

BY: Patrick Beech

The couple used to soar the skies as flight crew members - but now they prefer travelling and exploring the country in a van.

Mohd Ghazali Udin, 63, from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, said they bought the van in 2022 and over time, converted it into a recreational vehicle (RV).

His wife, Nur Adriana Wong Abdullah, 63, said their favourite spots were by the beach, river or lake to enjoy the beauty of nature and have an enjoyable experience.

"With this campervan, we can sleep anywhere safely and also save a lot of money compared to hotels or homestays when travelling," they said.

The white camper, which was bought for RM80,000, was furnished by themselves with a bed, mattress, fridge, sink and other facilities such as a table, chairs, fan and kitchen, turning it into a mini mobile home.

Mohd Ghazali said their hobby started after the Covid-19 pandemic.

"We travelled every month in groups with other friends from the Malaysian Campervan and Motorhome Association (PCMM) to interesting places for picnics and leisure activities.

"One of the furthest places we have travelled in our Toyota Hiace motorhome was Kanchanaburi in Thailand," he said.

During the trip, they covered a distance of more than 3,000 kilometres with their friends two years ago.