Form Six colleges to be rebranded with immediate effect

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Form Six colleges to be rebranded with immediate effect

BY: Patrick Beech

With immediate effect, Form Six colleges will be rebranded and their heads be given more autonomy, said Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek.

She said this was part of efforts to enhance the image of the Form Six learning environment.

"The heads of the Form Six Colleges would be given the autonomy to decide on appeal cases for enrolment into Form Six.

“The ministry is also drafting the strategy to give autonomy to the college heads to take in students if there are still spaces available at their institution,” she said, adding that about only 60% of the seats are currently filled.

She said this is one way to give more opportunities for youth, especially those with potential, to gain a tertiary education.

Currently, the only way into Form Six is through an offer by the ministry.

Form Six colleges will also undergo a rebranding process and be renamed as Education Ministry pre-university colleges.

As part of this rebranding, the principals of these colleges will be referred to as directors, senior assistant teachers will hold the title of deputy directors, and teachers will be addressed as lecturers.

“The government is also examining a special route to increase the number of excellent sixth-form teachers,” she said, adding that about 60 teachers (0.5%) are currently excellent teachers.