First to church, then to the polls, for this couple

By: Patrick Beech

Just doing my duty as a responsible citizen - this was what blushing bride, Jamie Chai had to say after pictures of her in her wedding gown waiting in line to vote recently went viral.

She was caught on camera by Subang Jaya assemblywoman Michelle Ng while waiting to vote at SMK USJ 12 on polling day last week

"To the bride at SMK USJ 12: Thank you for voting despite it being your big day! Wishing you and your husband a happy married life together!" Ng wished on Facebook while posting a photo of the bride.

Jamie had since replied, saying she was allowed to be allowed to vote for her country and city.

She said she was also thankful to the other voters at the polling station for allowing her to skip the queue after they saw her in her wedding gown.

She also shared a picture of herself and her husband, Jack.

The couple had apparently come to the polling centre following a church ceremony in the morning.

"It was a coincidence that polling day on Nov 19 was also our wedding day. We were so excited and happy that we were able to fulfil our obligations," added Jamie.