Fearless "iron lady" caught changing bulbs on Twin Towers

By: Patrick Beech

Many of us suffer from a fear of heights and would not dare look down from even the first or second floors of a building.

However, recently, drone footage of the Petronas Twin Towers showed a woman confidently doing her job on top of one of the tallest towers in the world!

She was clad in a red hijab and full safety gear, fearlessly replacing old flood light bulbs while balancing herself on the side of the peak.

The footage was posted by a photographer named Siva Kumar who had reportedly said that the technician was installing new spotlights that could change colours.

The photographer described the woman as an "iron lady".

"The sight of all those technicians up there, simply hanging by the ropes and changing the lights, fascinated me. It was very attractive, and I wanted to capture it all to share with people online," he said.

Siva said that he also wanted to inspire other women, who may look at the iron lady on top of the Petronas Twin Towers and be inspired in whatever they do in their lives.