Father "becomes" Spiderman to make ends meet

Picture from Bernama

Father "becomes" Spiderman to make ends meet

BY:Patrick Beech

Finding it hard to make ends meet during the Covid-19 pandemic, Nasmeruddin Zulkifli, 31, decided to try his hand at being a street performer.

Nasmeruddin, who is fondly known as Ame was finding it difficult at the time to support his family, especially his two young kids.

He then invested RM100 in a Spiderman costume he bought online and as soon as the MCO ended, he took to the streets.

"I got the idea from my kids who are avid superhero fans," he said.

He, along with another friend, who dresses as a clown and is fondly known as "Mr Minggu" are now regular sights at the Leaning Tower Square in Teluk Intan.

"I count my blessings that the Spiderman character turned out to be a 'lifeline' for me when I lost my job, my source of income," said Nasmeruddin who donned the Spidey suit while looking for a permanent, full-time job.

Nasmeruddin said that initially, he was actually shy and uncomfortable when donning the superhero costume for up to seven hours a day.

"But seeing the sheer joy and excitement on the faces of the children and visitors who were willing to pose for pictures with 'Spiderman', made it all worthwhile and exciting even," he said.

Nasmeruddin said that up till now, he has five Spiderman costumes of different colours and he is planning on getting a black one to keep up with the latest trends of the popular Marvel Comics superhero.