Father and disabled daughter win hearts as they complete marathon

Picture from The Vibes

Father and disabled daughter win hearts as they complete marathon

BY: Patrick Beech

A father recently won the Internet with his loving deed which was to complete the Standard Chartered Marathon with his disabled daughter.

Dihan is a 15-year-old with cerebral palsy, who is bound to a wheelchair.

However, based on the videos shared by her father, who goes by the handle @wiradihan on Tiktok, her life is filled with adventures.

At the Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon, her father Wira Sudepja Rabu pushed Dihan throughout the marathon but carried her in his arms over the finish line in a gesture to celebrate her recently turning 15.

The video immediately went viral and won over the hearts of netizens.

Dihan's father shared that doctors did not have much hope for her 15 years ago due to complications of being born prematurely.

Dihan survived but was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and she is completely unable to move about by herself.

However, this did not stop the duo and Wira started taking Dihan outside when she was six years old and they then found a way to enjoy cycling activities.

She has also made it into the Malaysia Book Of Records for being the first cerebral palsy girl to join a cross-border cycling expedition spanning 220km in January 2020.