Family no longer needs to stay in car – thanks to generous Malaysians

By: Patrick Beech

Thanks to the generosity of Malaysians, Grace Edward and her family can now move into a house after about two weeks of living in their car.

The 37-year-old housewife said she was grateful to the public for their help as many had come forward to help them.

Their monetary contributions enabled her to since place a deposit for a new rented home and also repay her debts and purchase basic household necessities.

Her husband, Kumar Subramaniam, 37, who lost his job as a mechanic has also been offered a job at a workshop near their home.

“I didn’t think I would be able to (rent) this house so soon. I am very happy and no longer have the fear of sleeping in the car. A home is important for safety, especially for my son.

“Initially, I thought it might just be normal (sort of) help, but Malaysians are really extraordinary. I am overwhelmed by their support and thank everyone who contributed. I don’t know how to respond,” she said

Grace’s plight came to light after she and her family were evicted from their old rented home when they could not pay the monthly rental, resulting in them being forced to sleep in their old Proton Saga Aeroback while awaiting assistance.

Grace, who hails from Puchong, cannot work as she has to look after her six-year-old son Sriitharan Kumar, and care for her mother who has kidney problems and long Covid symptoms.

Previously, her husband’s employer had to end his services as he could not work long hours or carry heavy things after a motorcycle accident two years ago.

Grace said that with the extra money that had been raised, she hopes to start a nasi lemak business, distributing it to eateries in Puchong.

“Once I have fully settled into the new house, I will pursue my dream. I will also send my son to school,” she said, adding that she hoped to buy another car to make it easier for her to travel for her business.