Environmental conservation vital for us and the future generation

By: Patrick Beech

Many of us take our environment for granted, not realising just how important conservation is for us and the future generation.

Recently, our Minister for Plantation Industries and Commodities reminded us, especially the youth that we could no longer ignore the accelerating impacts of global warming.

Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin called on all Malaysians to champion environmental causes and help create a greater interest among the public on environmental conservation and the impending dangers of climate change.

“For years, researchers have been warning us about the devastating effects climate change can cause on human lives.

“However, these warnings were mostly not taken seriously and many do not realise just how real the dangers are,” she said.

She pointed out that even the United Nations had warned that climate change was set to create havoc if not addressed early.

Researchers from local universities have listed the potential impacts of climate change on Malaysia which include reduced crop yield, greater diseases among forest species, loss of biodiversity, increased flooding and decreased water availability.

“Everyone must realise that climate change is not something which is the sole responsibility of the government, but part and parcel of every Malaysian’s everyday lives.

“We must together take a stand in favour of environmental protection and embrace climate change policies for us and our future generations,” added Zuraida.