Empowering Through Muay Thai: Nawib Ullah Bakshi's Journey from Adversity to Triumph

Source: Sinar Harian

Empowering Through Muay Thai: Nawib Ullah Bakshi's Journey from Adversity to Triumph

BY: Michelle Liew  

In the vibrant tapestry of Malaysia's cultural diversity, stories of resilience and determination often unfold. One such narrative is that of Nawib Ullah Bakshi, a 22-year-old youth from Afghanistan who found solace and strength in the art of Muay Thai, a sport that transcends boundaries. 

Nawib's journey into the world of Muay Thai was not just a pursuit of physical fitness; it was a response to the challenges he faced in his earlier years. Having resided in Malaysia for five years now, Nawib disclosed that instances of bullying fueled his decision to embrace Muay Thai as a means of self-defense for himself and his family. 

As he reflects on his path, Nawib proudly shares that his deep-seated interest in Muay Thai has blossomed into a successful career, marked by victories in 19 out of 27 matches. "It's a good opportunity to win the upcoming tournament because I've been training a lot and want to compete on a bigger stage. No matter who I fight with, I accept and want to gather experience in this intense and violent match," he asserted during a press conference for the 72nd edition of the Red Horse International World Muay Thai 2023 Grand Final Championship. 

Nawib's training ground is Sampuri Gym in Ampang, Selangor, where he began his Muay Thai journey with little knowledge of the sport. Fast forward to today, and he stands in his seventh year of dedicated practice, driven by the desire to excel on a broader platform. 

The upcoming tournament, scheduled for November 23 to 25, holds special significance for Nawib. He views it as an opportunity to showcase the skills he has honed over the years and gather invaluable experiences in the ring. His determination is palpable as he expresses his willingness to face any opponent, emphasizing that every match is a chance to learn and grow. 

The press conference for the championship, held at the Karangkraf Group Complex in Shah Alam, saw the presence of key figures in support of the event. Among them were Datuk Muhammad Nasir Hamzah, Joint Advisor of Karangkraf Group; Nik Ahmad Zahiruddin Nik Saleh, Director of the Federal Territory Sports Council (MSWP); Hashim Anang, Special Tasks Manager of Karangkraf Group, along with members of the Kuala Lumpur Red Horse Muay Thai club and various media practitioners. 

The championship, boasting 28 skilled boxers from 14 teams, promises fierce competition for coveted prizes, including 12 championship belts, two round champion belts, and a trophy accompanied by cash rewards. Noteworthy sponsors and strategic partners, such as Tourism Malaysia, Yayasan Bena Nusa, MSWP, Neutrovis, Celcius Live Fit health drink, Pasaraya Borong Sakan, Sany Char Koay Teow, and Sinar Harian, have rallied behind the event. 

When asked about his role models in the sport, Nawib cites Thai boxers Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn and Buakaw Banchamek as his sources of inspiration. "I got a lot of inspiration from watching the Muay Thai boxers there (Thailand); they are my mentors to keep training hard. Therefore, I hope this match on November 23 to 25 can provide opportunities and interesting experiences for me," he shared, emphasizing the impact of these seasoned athletes on his journey. 

Nawib Ullah Bakshi's story exemplifies the transformative power of sports, turning adversity into triumph, and serving as an inspiration to those facing challenges of their own. As he steps into the ring, he carries not just his own dreams but the hopes of those who find strength in his resilience.