Efforts Made to Save 100 Pieces of Live Coral and Improve Sustainability in Tioman Island

Source: Kosmo

Efforts Made to Save 100 Pieces of Live Coral and Improve Sustainability in Tioman Island

BY: Michelle Liew

The destruction of coral reefs in the ocean can have a huge impact on marine life and also on humans.

In fact, many coastal communities depend on coral reefs as a source of food and even livelihood. This is because healthy coral reefs support the fishing and tourism industries.

Therefore, efforts or campaigns to protect these coral reefs need to be continued and intensified by various parties.

In Malaysia, the effort has been carried out by various parties concerned about environmental issues.

As an effort to support the sustainability of coral reefs, Syarikat Etika Sdn. Bhd. which is the producer of the famous drinks Pepsi, Kopi Wonda, Twister, Susu Goodday and others have recently joined forces with the Reef Check Malaysia team to implement the corporate social responsibility (CSR) project Protect the Reefs: Save the Coral Reef Habitats in Kampung Tekek, Tioman Island, Pahang.

The program was carried out for three days during mid-September and its impact has been lasting ever since, prompting many to start joining the initiative and participate in activities to save the coral reefs.

A total of nine employees of Syarikat Etika Sdn. Bhd. has been involved in the effort that benefits the marine life on Pulau Tioman.

Etika's Chief Executive Officer, Santharuban Thurai Sundaram said, the program is one of the company's initiatives through the CSR program in fostering a culture of caring for and preserving the environment while raising awareness among the community about the importance of caring for coral reefs around the waters of Pulau Tioman.

Through the seabed cleaning program, nine Ethical divers have been involved in efforts to control the crown of thorns species that are under threat due to the extinction of coral reefs by using the vinegar liquid injection method in the sea.

The effort has been successfully realized as planned with the solid cooperation of Etika and the Reef Check Malaysia team.