Dungun Seller Maintains Price of RM0.10 per Donut to Cater to Students

By: Michelle Liew

The increase in the cost of raw materials is not an obstacle for a donut dealer to maintain the price at 10 cents per donut for the past seven years.

Idham Shafiq Darmilus, 35, said he and his wife, Edah Ali, 39, agreed to maintain the price in order to retain customers who are mostly students and those with less means.

"It just so happens that our stall is located in front of the school. It's fun to see that they can buy 10 donuts for only RM1 before sharing with friends.

"I don't have the heart to raise the price because I'm worried they can't afford it," he said when met at his stall in Kampung Baru Kuala Abang here yesterday.

Idham Shafiq admitted that he is also facing an increase in the cost of raw materials, especially high protein wheat flour which now costs RM3.50 per kilogram compared to RM1.60 in 2016.

The father of five added that other ingredients for making donuts such as milk, yeast and sugar also went up in price.

"Actually, even if you sell donuts for 10 cents each, you can still make a profit even though the margin is low.

"Thank God, every day, we can sell at least 2,000 donuts that use about 10 kilograms of flour," he said.

Idham Shafiq said, to increase his income, he introduced frozen donut products.

A customer, Zura Mat Salleh, 35, said he was willing to go to Kampung Kuala Abang which is located 15 kilometers from his home in Kampung Merchang, Marang to buy donuts.