Dr Mommy Baby App Provides Modern Solutions for New-Age Parents

BY: Michelle Liew

Dr Mommy Baby, a one-stop healthcare platform for parents and children, has introduced its mobile app which offers users up-to-date information.

CEO and owner of the Dr Mommy Baby brand, Dr. Ramzul Adli said that the information available in the platform covers various services to users including treatment on fertility, childbirth and aspects of child health care which are very appropriate to meet the needs and wishes of modern parents.

"Dr Mommy Baby is a platform that has various functions that parents may find useful. For example, they can use the platform to find the nearest clinic or medical facility," he said this in a statement in conjunction with the launch of the Dr Mommy Baby mobile application.

Parents were also invited to participate in the Care4You campaign where they can take part in a variety of health-related activities such as child health check-ups, check-ups, and oral care.

At the same time, Dr Malar Santhi Santherasegapan, who is also a medical officer and social media influencer, has been appointed as the Dr Mommy Baby brand ambassador.

She will lead the campaign along with 16 other influencers who embody the spirit of being a mother in addition to sharing useful tips and information for parents and children in terms of physical, mental and emotional aspects.

Apart from that, a series of tours will also be held from October to December to raise awareness and encourage parents to play a proactive role in understanding family health.