Double joy as husband-and-wife graduate together

By: Patrick Beech

It was an unforgettable an truly memorable moment for husband and wife, P. Thuban, 32, and M. Hasvini, 31, when they graduated together at the Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) recently.

The couple had together embarked on a journey to get their master's in business studies at UMT's Cyberjaya branch campus.

Despite facing numerous challenges, they said it did not stop them from pursuing knowledge to secure a better future in an increasingly challenging world.

"I can say that 80 per cent of my studies was done online and at sea because I have to spend three months at sea and two months on land. In addition, the country was under the Movement Control Order (MCO) during that period," said Thuban.

Although most of his lessons were online, there were no major problems except Internet coverage was sometimes unstable in the middle of the sea.

As for Hasivini, who is an engineer at a private shipping company in the capital, one of the challenges was balancing her duties as a wife, employee and student.

"I started studying in October 2020 and got married two months after that. It was a tall order to juggle three tasks all at once as I had just got married," said Hasvini.