Doctor rushes to help baby delivered in "Optimus Prime" truck

Picture from The Vibes

Doctor rushes to help baby delivered in "Optimus Prime" truck

BY: Patrick Beech

A medical officer at the Sanggang Health Clinic in Pahang, Dr Muhammad Aliff Md Zaki, recently took to social media to share details of a distress call about a mother who was about to give birth in a lorry. 

The lorry was travelling on the East Coast Highway (LPT), specifically at KM121 Kuantan-bound and when they arrived, two policemen were already there manning traffic as the lorry was parked by the side of the road. 

"On the grass, we saw clothes that were soaked in blood and faecal matter," he said, adding that they were informed that the mother was in the back seat of the lorry's cab. 

"Climbing into the lorry that was the size of Optimus Prime, I saw two figures lying down. The mother's eyes were closed and the baby was between her thighs. I called out to the mother 'Ma'am can you hear me? Open your eyes please.' The mother opened her eyes and said she could hear me. I felt so relieved," Dr Muhammad Alif said as reported by The Vibes. 

He then held the baby's foot and gently flicked the sole of the foot and was relieved as the baby let out a soft cry. 

Dr Muhammad Alif said he proceeded to do the necessary things such as cutting the umbilical cord while another medical team member attended to the mother. 

He wrapped the baby in a towel and brought the newborn out of the lorry and both, mother and baby, were taken to the Sultan Ahmad Shah Hospital in Kuantan. 

Acknowledging it as an experience of a lifetime, Dr Muhammad Alif thanked the LPT workers, policemen and the hospital's labour room staff for their help.