Discovering the Avian Paradise: Teluk Intan's Stork Island

Source: Bernama

Discovering the Avian Paradise: Teluk Intan's Stork Island

BY: Michelle Liew

Teluk Intan, formerly known as Teluk Anson, has long been celebrated for its iconic leaning tower, drawing tourists from near and far. However, beyond this architectural marvel, the city has unveiled a new eco-tourism gem—Stork Island. Situated in the Sungai Perak, this sanctuary spans six hectares and is home to over 30,000 birds, encompassing more than 10 species of storks alongside various other avian wonders.

Stork Island: A Haven for Breathtaking Biodiversity

Muhammad Sahril Mustafa, the manager of Teluk Intan River Cruise, sheds light on the captivating diversity of Stork Island. He reveals that the island's moniker stems from the presence of over 10 stork species, including the great heron, stone heron, Chinese heron, and more. Additionally, migratory birds from India and Thailand choose this locale not just as a pitstop but also for breeding, enhancing its significance in the avian world.

Factors Contributing to Avian Abundance

Muhammad Sahril attributes the thriving bird population to the island's strategic location, situated away from human habitation and offering an abundance of food sources. Birds embark on their daily quest for sustenance in the bendang area around Teluk Intan up to Seberang Perak, returning to their nests by 6.30 in the evening. The manager emphasizes the island's invulnerability due to its mid-river positioning, making it a preferred sanctuary for these winged creatures.

Breeding Seasons and Research Insights

The native of Teluk Intan reveals that most bird species undergo the breeding process between May to August and November to March annually. This information is backed by a study conducted by the University of Malaya in collaboration with state-level agencies. Such insights contribute to the understanding and conservation of the avian ecosystem on Stork Island.

Beyond the Birds: Exploring the River's Hidden Treasures

Muhammad Sahril highlights that the Sungai Perak hosts not only Stork Island but also 18 other fascinating locations along its course. These include sunken steamships, sea fishing wooden shipyards, fish cage farms, a grand Buddhist temple, and the Pulau Rawa ferry, each with its unique story and historical significance.

Accessible Tourism: Attractive Packages for All

For visitors keen on exploring the area up close, Muhammad Sahril offers a range of packages, priced from RM18 to RM50, catering to different age groups. These packages open the door to an immersive experience, allowing tourists to witness the natural wonders and historical relics that line the river.

Tourist Testimonials

Tourists, such as Razali Isa from Kedah and Chee Wan Chai from Johor, express their delight at discovering Stork Island. Razali commends the unforgettable experience of witnessing birds in flight against the lush island backdrop. Chee Wan Chai emphasizes the importance of understanding the

historical value of the region, especially for children, fostering a deeper appreciation for natural treasures.

Teluk Intan's Stork Island emerges as a must-visit destination, offering more than just the city's famous leaning tower. With its diverse avian population, rich history, and hidden gems along the river, Stork Island beckons nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike. As Teluk Intan continues to evolve as an eco-tourism hub, Stork Island stands out as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature and human appreciation.