Disabled man helps clear rubbish from flooded road, wins praises all around


Indiscriminate disposal of garbage is among the main causes of clogged drains in the country, disrupting water flow which can lead to flooding.

The recent heavy rains have left numerous roads in the Klang Valley and around the country flooded and overflowing drains have also contributed to this.

Recently, a Facebook page shared how a man on crutches pitched in to help collect trash from a flooded road in Kuala Lumpur to ease the flow of water.

In the short video, the man with a partially amputated right leg is seen balancing himself to pick trash along flooded Jalan Pudu.

He was also seen picking a large soaked cardboard piece which was obstructing water flow along the road.

The disabled man was helping another man who together cleared a pile of trash which was spotted at the side of the flooded road.

Since the video was uploaded, Malaysians have praised the duo, especially the disabled man for their efforts.

Several netizens even labelled the disabled man a hero.

“Hats off to him”, as his disability did not stop him from committing the kind act that he was lauded for, said one netizen.

Others said this man was an example to all other Malaysians and said they had great respect for him and what he did for the people.