Deliveryman who walked up to 7km to deliver food gifted with new bicycle

By: Patrick Beech

A food deliveryman who walked six to seven kilometres just to make a delivery received a great surprise when he was gifted a bicycle recently.

According to reports, the man's hardships were recently highlighted in a TikTok video which showed him walking from Gaya Street to the Palace Hotel in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

The video caught the attention of welfare activist, Adrian Edy who then began looking for the deliveryman.

Apparently, the deliveryman, Khai, had been saving for months to buy a bicycle.

"He doesn't come from a wealthy family, so he is willing to travel long distances to earn a living. Every week he would send money to his mother back in their village," said Adrian.

Khai works from 8am to 9pm every day, but the orders aren't consistent. There are times when he has no orders to send, and because he delivers by foot, he can't deliver food to faraway locations.

When Adrian finally caught up with Khai and presented him with the bicycle, he was moved to tears and was so grateful for the gift.

"God brought us together, maybe thanks to the prayers of my brother, my mother, and prayers of my friends," said Khai.

"He immediately used the bike for work, and he texted me on WhatsApp that he's gotten more orders as of late," said Adrian.