Datuk Jimmy Choo Proudly Shows Off Songket in London Street Interview

By: Michelle Liew

World renowned Malaysian fashion designer Datuk Jimmy Choo has recently gone viral in a video promoting Malaysian songket during an interview on the streets of London, England.

In a video posted by @worldmicrophoneldn on Instagram, Choo is seen walking in front of his fashion school, JCA London Fashion Academy, at Hanover Square. He was accompanied by his mentee Peony Sin.

"Good morning. Yeah, I am Jimmy Choo," he says when he sees passers-by waving to him, saying, "They recognise Jimmy Choo. (They are) wearing my shoes."

The highlight of the video is, however, the unique blazer worn by the revered designer. Choo stated that the material of his blazer is made by songket.

"(Songket) is the most treasured fabric in Malaysia. (It's) sewn by hands with gold and silver threads. "The jacket was designed for me by my favourite student," he said referring to Sin.

Sin explained that the idea behind Choo’s blazer and her cheongsam from her brand, Rafflesia. She stated that songket is a unique fabric which is often used in occasions such as weddings and traditional events.

"It is a modern design, which I incorporate elements of Chinese cheongsam to showcase our Malaysian diverse culture," she says.

Just like the heart of Malaysia, the clothes are a fusion of cultures, wherein in this case, a mix of Chinese and Western cultures. With Sin’s design, Choo is confident that they will be able to introduce the songket globally.

"I really respect my parents' origins. We are still Chinese after all. I am Malaysian Chinese," says the 73-year-old. He added the fact that he very much enjoys all Chinese, Cantonese, and Malaysian food in London.