Culinary Carnival Extravaganza: Catalysing Entrepreneurship and Brand Development in Penang

Source: Bernama

Culinary Carnival Extravaganza: Catalysing Entrepreneurship and Brand Development in Penang

BY: Michelle Liew

The fusion of food and beverage entrepreneurs with local celebrities in a vibrant carnival setting has emerged as a dynamic force propelling the entrepreneurial industry forward. Penang Trade, Entrepreneurship, and Rural Development Committee Chairman, Rashidi Zinol, recently highlighted the transformative impact of such events, shedding light on how they provide a unique platform for budding entrepreneurs to not only showcase their culinary creations but also elevate their brands to new heights.

In collaboration with implementing agencies, the Penang state government actively encourages young individuals to explore entrepreneurship, recognizing its immense potential when pursued with dedication. Rashidi Zinol emphasized the substantial support available for those willing to venture into the field. He underscored the importance of taking entrepreneurship seriously, as it represents a pathway for ambitious individuals to rise and contribute to the development of innovative brands in the market.

Rashidi Zinol highlighted the strategic role played by artists and influencers in these culinary carnivals. Their involvement not only attracts attention but also provides a golden opportunity to spotlight products, thereby strengthening the brands associated with them. This collaborative effort creates a win-win situation, where entrepreneurs benefit from increased visibility, and artists contribute to the promotion of unique and exciting products.

The Chairman expressed the government's consistent support for the organization of large-scale carnivals, emphasizing their significance as gathering grounds for young entrepreneurs. Beyond mere gatherings, these events serve as the ideal platforms for entrepreneurs to upgrade their business standards. The holistic combination of food, beverage, and celebrity influence fosters an environment that not only boosts individual businesses but also supports fellow traders within the community.

Rashidi Zinol underscored the importance of customer presence at such events, noting that their support is instrumental in raising the profile of local products. The dynamic interaction between entrepreneurs and customers creates a symbiotic relationship, fostering brand loyalty and contributing to the overall success of the culinary carnival.

The recent three-day Absolut Food Fest Penang, held at the Batu Kawan Stadium grounds, encapsulated the spirit of this entrepreneurial movement. Featuring 150 stalls of local entrepreneurs and celebrities, with 30 percent hailing from Penang, the carnival drew an estimated 100,000 visitors. Renowned artists such as Uqasha Senrose, Andi Bernadee, Luqman Podolski, Baby Shima, Khai Bahar, and others graced the event, adding star power to the vibrant atmosphere.

Rashidi Zinol assured aspiring entrepreneurs of the government's provisions for those looking to start a business. In addition to the state government's support, agencies like the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) and the Penang Regional Development Authority (PERDA) offer assistance, including grants and equipment tailored to the qualifications and suitability of applicants.

The marriage of culinary creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and celebrity influence in events like the Absolut Food Fest Penang exemplifies the power of collaboration in fostering economic growth. As the entrepreneurial landscape continues to evolve, these carnivals serve as dynamic platforms, propelling

local businesses to new heights and contributing to the overall vibrancy of Penang's entrepreneurial ecosystem.